Walking and being in nature is an essential part of my practice. Simple, abstract forms are derived from noticing small details and moments while out in the landscape. Snippets from books, magazines, films, memories, images online and other found objects also filter in.
abstract painting all your curves and edges, by Kitty Hillier
Kitty Hillier ‘All your curves and edges’ 2018 183x122cm £2,495
Pausing to appreciate the beauty of simple things every day brings joy.
Kitty Hillier Through the gloom 2017
Kitty Hillier ‘Through the gloom’ 2017 60x60cm £950

Offering the viewer a space to contemplate, both jarring and harmonious combinations of painted shapes are altered, covered, carefully revealed and reworked until a final resolution is reached.

Kitty Hillier on the rocks 2017
Kitty Hillier ‘On the rocks’ 2017 89.5x59cm £1,320

I want to create thought provoking works full of tension and mystery, with perfect balance of form and colour.

November 25, 2018